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Portland Wedding Photographer Nate n RayWhen Nate and I first met, it was definitely not love at first site.   In fact, we had a mutual disinterest in each other.   Not that we disliked each other.   It’s just that for both of us, the other one didn’t look at all like what we imagined our future spouse might look like.   I imagined someone “big boned” with a squishy body, good for squeezing and hugging. Quite the opposite of what Nate’s body type is like.   Nate imagined someone more similar to his build, which is very lean.   That is not at all how one would describe me.   But that didn’t discourage us from becoming friends because we had no limitations in our heads about what our friends should look like.   So we did become friends and it wasn’t long before we became best friends. And that lead to lead to love and marriage.   We both had a transition time, though, where we had to let go of the pictures in our heads of our future spouses.   Once we did that, we were free to see the amazing number of ways that we were a perfect match!   Nate is so much more than I ever hoped or prayed for myself.   And I had pretty high standards!   He gives me more than I expected any husband to ever give.   He makes me happier than I ever expected to be.   And the amazing thing is that he feels the same way.   We are both so thankful that God brought us both to a place where we could look past the barrier that could have kept us from finding our perfect match.   We were able to get out of our own way long enough to receive our perfect gift from God.   And by the way, even though Nate doesn’t have a big, squishy body, he still gives great hugs!

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