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This handsome guy is my brother-in-law, Rod. I had the pleasure of doing a boudoir session with his Bride-to-be, Alison, and she had the album of portraits delivered to him on their wedding day. Boudoir photos make for such a fantastic wedding gift for the Groom.

2014-10-16_0006(Wedding photos used with permission by Kirsten Hammericksen)

I love what Rod had to say about the photos.

“A few months before our wedding, my fiancée went to visit Rayleigh to have some sexy photos taken.   On our wedding day she completely surprised me with a boudoir photo collection book and had her maid of honor deliver it to me just before I saw her in her wedding dress for the first time.   What a great idea!   Thoughtful, memorable, and a clever way to  help with  any pre-wedding jitters.   The photos were tasteful and classy and sexy.   As you can imagine, it was a topic of much interest and discussion among the groomsmen
She was a little nervous about getting it done, but said that Rayleigh did an excellent job of helping her feel comfortable.   Really allowed her to let her own personality show up in the photos, and I can tell.   Good times and great memories every time I see that little book of fun!   We undoubtedly recommend Rayleigh to anyone considering doing it.   And if you haven’t considered it, you should.   Take it from a recently married man, it was a great idea.”


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