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Christine and Zac came to me with a special project that they wanted to do.   They have an annual Valentine’s Day party at their home in Aloha, Oregon and they thought it would be really fun to decorate their party with a giant photo of themselves that looked like the cover of a Harlequin romance novel.   This is something I’ve never done before but I was totally up for it!   We talked about outfits and Christine found some fun things to wear online that she could pair with a skirt that I have in my studio wardrobe.

The shoot was done in my studio with a plain old blue blackdrop.   Then I used my super snazzy Photoshop skill to add in a sunset ocean scene and a pirate ship floating in the distance.   I also used Photoshop to make their photograph look like a painting.   The idea was for it to be funny but a sexy kind of funny.   I think we pulled it off!    I had my lab print it as a 20×28 size print.   It was a big hit at their Valentine’s Day party.


Fantasy Photography Portland Oregon

Themed shoots are a lot of fun!   To book your own themed shoot or just a regular shoot, please contact me!

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