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It’s time for #2 of my 10 part series on how to feel sexy while being photographed.   One thing you can do to prepare for your shoot is to visualize ahead of time!   Don’t focus on your nerves or feeling awkward.   Instead, picture yourself having a good time, feeling relaxed, looking sexy, seeing your images afterwards and absolutely loving them, and of course, showing them to your Sweetie and him loving them.   Visualize it from your point of view, in your own shoes.   Do this several times before your shoot.   Then when it’s time for your shoot, you will be excited and ready for a fantastic time.

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Try visualizing fun times at home with your Sweetheart, too.   Worried about trying to look sexy and instead looking like a total nerd?   Yes, I know how that is!   Well, try spending time visualizing yourself looking sexy and your Sweetheart responding with a loving smile.   Then when you go to actually try it out, it will be like you’ve done it a million times and you know how it’s going to end.   I’d love to hear your thoughts.   Please leave me a comment!

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