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before_and_after_2_verticalWhy did you want to do a photo shoot?
I am using Rayleigh’s photograph services to help me photo journalize my weight loss journey. I started in 2013 and just completed my 2014 shoot. I’ve lost 48 lbs in the last year and it’s so inspiring to see the difference in the photos.
(Left: A photo from Kathy’s shoot in 2013.
Right: A photo from Kathy’s shoot in 2014, 48 lbs smaller!)
boudoir photography portland oregon
Describe your body in 5 words
Soft Big Beautiful Fair Worthy
How do you feel about your body?
Sensitive, Self-conscious at times, confident in health
(Age 40 + clients) How do you feel about your age? What is your age and is it okay to mention it on my blog?
I’m 53 and definitely noticing the age progression. I’m mostly okay with it
(Age 40 + clients) Do you feel like your age affects how sexy you truly are?
At times yes. But it’s important to get the negative thoughts out, and bring in the positive ones. Confidence is sexier than anything else
(Age 40 + clients) What gets better with age?
You really start to believe in your own worth/value
Why did you choose Photography by Rayleigh for your shoot?
I came across Rayleigh’s website and really enjoyed what I saw…and the fact she has clients of all shapes, sizes and ages.
What does “beauty” mean to you?
Having self confidence is a great feeling. And when you feel good you glow/radiate a kind of beauty that isn’t just physical.
What does “sexy” mean to you?
Desirable, Admirable, Confident
What did you love about your shoot? Will you come back some day for another shoot?
The hair and makeup sessions are great! The coaching Rayleigh gives you to bring out a certain look is wonderful too. Yes I will be back! I can’t wait to see her in August 2015 after another year of hard work.
What was your favorite moment of the whole experience?
There wasn’t just one. I loved the prep session with the makeup and hair stylist and the chance to chat with her and Rayleigh. And having a glass of wine while prepping was awesome too!
Any advice for ladies thinking about doing a photo shoot?
Do it! Its one of the most fun experiences you could do for yourself. When you see how beautiful they turn out your ego and attitude will get a boost!
Anything else you want to share about your experience?
I loved the payment types Rayleigh offered.
What’s your go-to item to wear to feel smoking hot?
Clingy black dress
What’s your best tip for feeling gorgeous?
Drink plenty of water in the days preceding your shoot and make sure you get a good nights rest, the night before.
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