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This blog post was already shared on my newsletter but in the mean time, my client has changed her mind about wanting her photos to be shared online.   I always give my clients the option to allow me to share some or all of their photos.   And it’s perfectly understandable to me when they want to keep their photos for their husband’s eyes only.

At the time of the shoot, Mrs. J and her lucky husband were engaged and the reason for the shoot was for Mrs. J to give her Groom an amazing wedding day present.   I love how she brought her wedding shoes, garter, veil, and wedding lingerie to use for the shoot.   It’s such a fun and sexy way to capture those wedding details.   And what a fun time in life, to be engaged.   A boudoir shoot is a great way to celebrate that.

Just so that this blog post isn’t completely image free, here is an image from another bridal boudoir shoot that I did.   It’s fun to bring your own wedding gear for the shoot but if you don’t want to haul them around or if you don’t have them yet, I do have a couple of veils and garters in my studio that work great.

If you are engaged and you want an amazing gift for your Groom, contact me to schedule a shoot!

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