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I had SO much fun during Kimbrie and Josh’s  Beloved  session. They wanted photos for Kimbrie’s birthday and although they aren’t engaged to be married just yet, I wanted to put their photos on my wedding blog because this is one of my most favorite couples sessions I’ve done! They were great sports and they let me try something new with them for parts of their session! There is a well known photographer, Jesh DeRox, who came up with a concept he calls “Beloved.” I wanted to try out his technique and I love how it went! I asked Kimbrie and Josh to do certain things, pretend certain things, think about certain things, and tell each other things that would help them feel particularly loving with each other, so much that they could almost forget that my camera was snapping away at them. I was able to capture true emotion rather than nervous smiles. And they had a lot of fun just being together and loving each other. That is absolutely the experience I want for all of my clients!


Portland Wedding Photographer


Portland Wedding Photographer


Portland Wedding Photographer


Portland Wedding Photographer


Portland Wedding Photographer


Portland Wedding Photographer

Kimbrie and Josh, please share this blog with your friends!    If you get 20 comments on this post, I will give you a free mini accordian album with your favorite images.  


  Photography  By Rayleigh:     Tigard and Portland Wedding Photography and Videography



13 responses on “Kimbrie and Josh’s Beloved Session | Portland Photographer

  1. Larry

    Kimbrie your guys photo’s came out great. It’s good to see you so happy… Amanda and I were looking at old photo’s the other day and saw some with you two crazy girls…. I’m so glad to see your so happy…


    “Amandas Dad”

  2. Brenda Bregel

    Awesome pictures of you and Josh. The dogs are so cute and so make each of your pictures so special. What a GREAT family you guys make…….

  3. Gale Wagner

    Kimbrie and Josh these were such Beautiful Pictures of you guys and the dogs, can’t wait to see them all, you guys take wonderful pictures…

  4. Leah Jones

    I definitely couldn’t pick a favorite! You guys look incredibly happy!
    Be jealous everyone, that’s part of myyy family 😉 love you guys!

  5. Robyn

    Josh- I have known you forever and I have never seen you so happy before. I am so incredibly happy that you have found such a wonderful person. The pictures are amazing.

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