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My husband is perfect. Having said that, know that I am using sort of a loose definition of perfection. Mostly I’m talking about the way that I see my husband and the way that I think of him. It’s true that Nate isn’t actually a perfect person. He has faults and sins, just like me. And just like you. But if I choose to focus on those faults and sins, I’m destined to be unhappy. And since I aim to be the happiest wife, I choose to focus on Nate’s great, amazing qualities. I frequently remind myself and I also remind Nate, that he is perfect…. to me! I married him because I decided that his great qualities far outweighed his negative qualities and that I would love him completely, for who he was, including his faults, and not try to change him. So before I allow myself to dwell on any kind of annoying habit that Nate might have, I instead focus on the fact that Nate loves me and wants me to be happy and he is a good, good person. And he is good to me and treats me like a Princess. That is a perfect dream come true. God brought us together as part of His perfect plan. We were perfectly made for each other. To me…. my husband is perfect!


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