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When I married Nate, he had a couch that I considered to be the supreme example of a bachelor couch.   It was a denim love seat that Nate purchased about 13 years ago and it was in horrible shape.   I didn’t say much about it but I kindly  suggested getting a new couch and Nate thought that was probably a good idea.    Before we were even married we had picked out the couch we wanted and requested gift cards for our wedding gifts  in order to buy it and Nate didn’t have any problem with that.   It was when it came time to get rid of the old couch that Nate started feeling sad.   He REALLY wanted to keep it.   And he knew that if he suggested that we keep it, that I wouldn’t deny him that and I wouldn’t even put up a fight.   But inside I would be bummed to have to have that old couch sitting around.   But after thinking about it, he decided that my happiness was more important to him than his couch, no matter how much he loved that couch.  So he didn’t say much and he allowed me to get rid of it. I  didn’t know the struggle he had inside until after the couch was gone.   I felt honored to be loved with such sacrificial love.


He wanted me to share this story with you because he wanted my readers to know that he does recognize his part in my happiness.   Most of my blogs will focus on what I can do myself  to remain the happiest wife, and most of that is maintaining my relationship with Nate and making sure he is the happiest husband, but Nate does know that it really is a two way street.   We are confident that if we keep each other happy, we’ll be happier in return.


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Old Couch



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New Couch


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