Old-West vintage boudoir event | Portland, Oregon

I am so excited to announce my super fun photo shoot week that has been in the planning stages for months!   On January 11-18th I’m scheduling a limited number of Old-West/Victorian themed vintage boudoir shoots.   These are a lot more elaborate than a regular shoot because the hair and makeup is more complicated and some of the props will be on loan.   Valentine’s day will come sooner than you think and these photos would be a great gift for your Sweetie.   Heck, these are a great gift for you!   Who doesn’t love playing dress up?   I have a number of wardrobe pieces I’ve been collecting in preparation for this event.   Only a certain number of shoots can be done during the week long event, so call soon so schedule your shoot!   If you call soon enough, you might be able to get you and your friends in on the same day for a fun girl’s day out.


boudoir photography portland oregon


boudoir photography portland oregon

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    1. Rayleigh Post author

      Hi Jackie! I just now saw your comment. That sounds like a really fun photo shoot to do! My supply of vintage wardrobe is mostly limited to boudoir style of clothing. But if you have access to some fun vintage costumes, I would love to do a shoot like that with your family.

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