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In case you missed it before, I recently returned home from a trip to Las Vegas.   I went there to attend a boudoir photography workshop with Modern Love Photography called Stripped Down.   The inspirational and talented instructor was Denise Birdsong.

The first half of the workshop was a lecture on how to coach your clients and create emotion in your boudoir images with the use of body language and facial expressions.   The second half of the workshop was spent practicing on models.   One was an actual working model, some were photographers acting as models for the day, and one, the handsome fellow you see below, Rex, was just a regular ol’ guy with no model or photography experience.   He was the first model assigned to my little group of photographers and when we discovered this, the other photographers and I looked at each other and we were like, “Huh?   We just talked about emotions in boudoir images….. this is a dude!   What do we do with a dude?”   But as it turns out, it works pretty much the same.   It was just slightly awkward coaching a man to flirt with me as I took his portraits.   Especially since the way I do that is to flirt with him and ask him to do it with me.   I don’t even really flirt with my husband (although as Denise pointed out in our workshop, we really should flirt with our husbands!) so it was quite strange flirting with a guy I just met. It might have been a touch easier if he wasn’t so darn good looking.   hah!

Some of the other photographers in the group kept with the boudoir genre, even when shooting the men.   Affectionately referred to sometimes as “Doudoir.” 🙂     I played it safe and stuck to a more fashion style with the guys.   In the end, I did enjoy this part of the shooting day and I’m looking forward to shooting more handsome guys in the future.   Guys like to feel sexy, too.   They ought to have some great images to show off.





If your guy is interested in having a sexy fashion style shoot done, contact me.   I’d love to do it!

Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon

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