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portland wedding photographer nate n rayI do not have kitchen skills.   I didn’t grow up learning to cook and I haven’t ever really taken the time to practice.   But Nate told me when we were dating that he feels super happy whenever I bless him with food related acts of service such as cooking or serving him some food that someone else has cooked.   So I knew that when I got married, I could score big points by being in charge of all of our meals.   I feel out of my comfort zone.   I’ve never really planned ahead for meals before and in the past I always got by with cereal, frozen burritos, and McDonalds.   But this just won’t do if I intend to bless Nate with food!

So step one was to start making Nate’s lunch for him.   This might seem old fashioned to some.   But whenever I do it, I get a huge smile and a lunch time text from Nate showing his appreciation.   It only takes me 5 minutes and it makes Nate’s day.   So why wouldn’t I do it?

Step two was to think ahead before I go to the grocery store and to plan out dinners for the week.   Right now my dinners are simple.   Things like grilled cheese sandwiches or omelets.   But Nate says it doesn’t matter if the dinners are fancy.   He’s just thrilled to have someone who loves him enough to make him dinner!

Step three was to have a plan for dinner and hopefully, have it started when Nate gets home from work so he doesn’t have to think about dinner at all.

Step four was to dish up Nate’s plate and to deliver it with a smile and a kiss.

Maybe this all seems rudimentary to some of you but this really is something that I’ve had to put effort in to because it’s not something that comes naturally to me.   But so far it has really paid off!   Nate is so grateful and really appreciates my efforts!

I think it might be common for new husbands to feel appreciative of their wives in the beginning and then they forget what it’s like not having a wife to take care them and they lose their feelings of appreciation or they stop showing their appreciation. Have some of you experienced that?   I also wonder if it’s common for wives to tire of the effort and they forget to deliver with a smile!   I’d love to hear some of your thoughts and experiences!


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