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Valentine’s Day is this weekend. If you’ve been crazy busy, like me, you might be looking for a last minute gift idea. With all the love in the air, I wanted to find some fun, inexpensive gifts that could be fun to give this Valentine’s Day and found this – Date Night Sticks.  I must live in a bubble, because there are TONS of sites that talk about this and I had never heard of it before! So maybe you’re already aware, consider this a reminder to just do it!

The idea is you write down places, activities, etc onto Popsicle sticks; then when you have a date night draw one and do it! Some sticks can be color coded for less expensive ideas vs. more expensive excursions, maybe even a family night. For Valentine’s Day, you could give a jar, but I think it would be more fun to give the supplies and create the jar together!

Whether you choose to do sticks, or paper in a bowl, I’d love to hear about it! Also include the most interesting activity you are adding to the options. I may want to borrow it!


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