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Senior Portraits – Old School Glamour Shots Edition

My senior portraits – old school glamour shots

Uh-hem…. Yes….. The embarrassing photos below are portraits of me. As much as I looked like a 40 year old country singer, biker chick, lounge singer I was actually a shy, quiet, 17 year old. These were my senior portraits – old school glamour shots edition.  

Third time’s a charm?

I first had my senior portraits taken at a little studio in the mall and hated my photos. So I made a second attempt and went to a second place in the mall. Unfortunately my results weren’t any more favorable. Somehow I hadn’t learned my lesson, so I headed a little ways down the mall and took advantage of a sale they were having at the old studio called Glamour Shots, hoping to get some better images. I hated them just as much as the others.

Do you remember that place? As far as I know, they don’t exist any more.  Glamour photography, as a genre, fizzled out.  For a while, that is.

Modern glamour photography

Now glamour photography is back in action and has quickly grown as a very popular type of photography. Thank the good Lord that the 90’s style didn’t return with it.  Modern glamour sessions are nothing like the old school versions.  When people hear the phrase “glamour photography” they might still think of the old mall studio which would probably not send them running in that direction to have a shoot for themselves.

Thankfully, photographers like me have been able to bring back the idea of glamour photography but in a modern way. Most of us call it Beauty Photography.

A new experience

I’m thankful that my clients have decided to trust me with their senior portraits and other beauty photography and that I can give them an experience that is so much better than the experience I had in high school.  

The experience in my studio is nothing like what you would find in a mall. Instead you get to enjoy a luxurious experience involving an amazing hair and makeup artist who is awesome at accentuating the beauty that is already there (even if you don’t yet see it). Then a customized photo shoot that brings out your personality.

I don’t just dress you up in whatever costume I have in your size (which was very limited in my high school shoot, as they didn’t cater to the curvy clients).  You will absolutely love your photos and instead of being embarrassed to show them, like I was in high school, you won’t be able to wait to share your photos with your friends and family. 

Please visit by senior portraits - old school glamour shots blog. This image is a modern backlit  senior portrait of a teen girl lying on her tummy wearing light colors. Photography by Rayleigh. Please visit ByRayleigh.com

Let’s chat!

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the biker chick photo in the middle is the one I ended up using for my yearbook photo. But I was totally embarrassed when the yearbook came out!   20+ years have gone by and I still feel a void where there should be a great memory of an awesome senior portrait session. Don’t be like me. Invest in portraits that you will love.

If you are ready to book your shoot, please send me an email and we can chat!

But first, you HAVE to look at the glamour shots on  this blog post  at buzzfeed.com because it got me laughing so hard! It’s hilarious!

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