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“Housewarming Party” Promotion

Exciting news and a special promotion!



Hey ladies! I have exciting news to share with you. Photography by Rayleigh has moved to Tualatin!  I’ve been working hard to get the space looking gorgeous for all of you.  The space has a new coat of paint (or three) by Radiant Services NW.  A beautiful new floor by Koeber’s Interiors.  And an amazing floral arrangement by Vanessa’s Flowers.

I have two huge windows for gorgeous light.  And black out curtains for more artistic lighting set ups.

I LOVED my pink striped wall in my previous studio space so I had that done in the new space, too. This photo shows the hair and makeup station and the photo reveal station.

I may as well show you the bathroom, too, because it’s just cute. haha!

This is what the space looked like before we moved in. It was nice but I needed to brighten it up with white paint and put in the wood floor because wood floors are just sexier than carpet.

I’d love to show off my new studio in person, so I’m offering a special promotion that you’ll want to hear about. It’s super rare that I offer discounts because although my sessions are definitely a financial investment, my past clients will tell you that the experience is totally worth it! But I’m excited to have all of you ladies in to see the new space so I wanted to offer something special. Let’s think of it like a housewarming party. Except it’s one on one.  And you are totally encouraged to party in your underwear. Now, that’s a good party! Here is the special deal I’m offering…

I’m offering $241 off my mini session which is a 30 minute beauty or boudoir session and includes your choice of 8 digital images on a thumb drive for $499. Professional hair and makeup services are optional but highly encouraged. They are an additional $150.

The shoot doesn’t have to be a boudoir shoot. If you want a beauty shoot (fully clothed) or professional head shots, I’d love to do those, too. The offer expires at the end of the month, which means that you have to contact me to book your shoot and pay your deposit this week. Your shoot can be for any future date. How does that sound?

If you have questions or if you are ready to book your shoot, just shoot me an email at info@byRayleigh.com. I can’t wait to book your shoot!

Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon
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Mr. & Mrs. A | Couples Portraits Portland Oregon

couples photography portland oregon

“This is my husband and my 40th wedding anniversary year and I wanted to commemorate it with professional photos.  I spent a lot of time on the internet looking at websites of photographers that I thought would work well with us “oldsters”.  When I found Rayleigh I felt a connection with her work for couples.  ”

couples photography portland oregon

“Rayleigh made us feel comfortable, an amazing feat with my husband who is happiest on his tractor in flannel shirt and dirty jeans.   Rayleigh was able to capture us in a range of moods and poses: from fun, to cuddly, to elegant.  I always blink when a camera goes off, but Rayleigh only shoots in natural light so there were no flashes to trigger my blinking.  ”

couples photography portland oregon

“I felt like a queen for a day!  We were so pleased with Rayleigh’s photographs of us that we treated our daughter and new son-in-law to a photo shoot at her studio to commemorate their marriage (they were married in a simple ceremony at the county courthouse earlier).  We then commissioned Rayleigh to photograph our daughter and son-in-law’s wedding reception in the evening in a majestic barn where she had to contend with low light and colored disco lights from the DJ.  She did a marvelous job of capturing the guests and festivities. ”

couples photography portland oregon

“We can’t thank Rayleigh enough to making us all look good!”

couples photography portland oregon


Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon
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Muffin Top | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography portland oregonFrom the minute we pull in to the parking lot of Famous Dave’s BBQ, we are hooked. That amazing smell wafting in to the car, I can hardly get inside fast enough. We order our usual, a split order of chicken tenders with a side of broccoli, a side of mac and cheese, and that oh-so-amazing cornbread muffin. If you’ve ever eaten at Famous Dave’s you know that this is not just any corn bread. This is I’ve-died-and-gone-to-heaven cornbread.

The only problem with splitting a meal, like we usually do, is that we only get one cornbread muffin, which is never enough. I joked with my husband, Nate, that I wouldn’t mind splitting the muffin in half as much, if we were cutting it in such a way that I were getting the top half (cause everyone knows that the muffin top is where it’s at). So my husband, being the sweet guy that he is, gave me the top half of the muffin. Now that is love.

When I pose my clients, I pose them in a way that celebrates the parts of their body that they love and downplay the parts that they don’t love as much. If you have a sweetie, I’m sure he loves you for all your parts and will happily enjoy them all. But I totally get wanting to focus only on your favorite parts. Now that I think about it, though, “muffin tops” aren’t always a good thing. Am I right?

Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon
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Sexy Kimono | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

When this Miss M said she wanted to bring kimonos instead of lingerie for her boudoir shoot, it was a new experience for me and I thought it might be a challenge to make a kimono look sexy. But it wasn’t at all. I absolutely love the draped look and how it ties in her culture as well, making the images more unique to her. They also allow for a more modest look, which is what she was going for and we pulled it off beautifuly.boudoir photography portland oregon


I asked Miss M some questions about her experience and here is what she said:

Describe your body in 5 words
aged, dull, fat, puffy, dry

What do you love about your body?
taught and functioning

Why did you want to do a photo shoot?
Although I am not happy with myself, I would miss my body in 30s when I become 50s. Thats why I wanted to have it for my memory



Why did you choose Photography by Rayleigh for your shoot?
I saw her work through my clients’. Loved how it turned out.

How did you feel as your were preparing for your shoot?
I was nervous yet I didn’t push myself to get in fit still.

Did this experience change the way you see yourself or the way you think of beauty?
I think it did. She made me feel I look good.

What does “beauty” mean to you?
Confident. Which I was losing a lot lately

boudoir photography portland oregon

What did you love about your shoot? Will you come back some day for another shoot?
I felt very comfortable in front of camera. She made me feel good to do so. I will do it again

How did you feel about being nearly naked in front of the camera?
I was so comfortable. Female photographer is one of the reason, but also her concept of this photograph fits my idea of doing this.

What was your favorite moment of the whole experience?
Getting positive feedback from photographer during the shoot 😉

How did you feel after seeing the photos we created?


boudoir photography portland oregon

What are you going to do with your photos?
Mostly I want to put in the safe, but I will put couple of them on the wall

Any advice for ladies thinking about doing a photo shoot?
Go for it! Its fun, and make you feel you are special

What’s your go-to item to wear to feel smoking hot?
Anything silk


Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Beauty Photography, Portland, Oregon
503.828.2973 info@byrayleigh.com

Brittany & John | Couples Photography Portland Oregon

What a fantastic way to celebrate your engagement or anniversary. Couples sessions are such a memorable activity to do together if you are looking for a creative date night idea. As a bonus, you get to enjoy the photos for the rest of your marriage and pass them down to your children… who will most definitely make fun of your outfits and your hair styles. But that’s the circle of life, right?

couples photography Portland Oregon

couples photography Portland Oregon

couples photography Portland Oregon

Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Beauty Photography, Portland, Oregon
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Importance of Sleep | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography portland oregon

There is so much to do everyday that it’s sometimes tough to add in the time to sleep. It’s common for my husband and me to get less than 6 hours of sleep a night. Yikes! While everyone’s sleep needs differ, I know that I could benefit from more sleep. I’ve read that between 7-9 hours is ideal. This is true for every day life, but it’s especially true for the night before a portrait session. Photoshop is pretty awesome but I can’t edit out a sleepy look from your eyes.

There are a million articles on the importance of sleep and just as many on how to get a good night’s rest. Here is an easy read from the Mayo clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/in-depth/sleep/art-20048379

Are you getting enough zzzz? Are there any rituals you do that help you sleep better?

Miss J | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

“I had a GREAT experience with Rayleigh!  I met her at the women’s expo and was impressed with her portfolio.  I emailed her explaining I was interested but not sure what package I wanted to do.  She was very patient in explaining the options.  Her guideline on preparing for the shoot was very helpful and I followed it pretty closely.  Having a beauty day before the shoot added to the experience and made it even more special. Tracy, the stylist that did my hair and makeup was great as well.  I loved the studio and how girly everything was.  The photos came out better than I ever imagined – LOVE them!   I will definitely recommend her to friends and hopefully, I’ll have the chance to do this again some day. 😉 ”

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

Ms. P | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

Ms. P is a basketball coach and she had an amazing shoot with me. I love how we were able to get her feeling all glammed up but still incorporate her basketball to keep her personality in the shoot.

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

I asked Ms. P a few questions about her experience and this is what she had to say:

  • Why did you want to do a photo shoot?

    As a gift for my husband and to help my self esteem

  • Why did you choose Photography by Rayleigh for your shoot?

    I liked her pictures and the reviews by other clients. I felt like she would be able to help me feel more at ease with the process and get good pictures as a result.

  • A little anxious as well as excited


boudoir photography Portland Oregon

  • What does “beauty” mean to you?
    Feeling good about your appearance
  • Confidence, appealing

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

  • How relaxed I felt (surprisingly), how well my hair and makeup where done. I will definitely come back for another shoot – maybe something other than boudoir as well.

  • Shy, for the most part, although Rayleigh did a great job of making me feel as comfortable as possible

  • My husband’s reaction when he saw them

boudoir photography Portland Oregon

  • Great, beautiful.

  • I gave most of them to my husband who keeps them on his night stand. The “professional head shots” I am using for my business and coaching practice

  • Do it! It was a lot of fun and makes you feel great. The pictures turn out gorgeous and it will make you feel good about yourself.


boudoir photography Portland Oregon

  • Rayleigh was amazing to work with. She was very professional and quick to respond to all questions and concerns I highly recommend her..

  • Designer jeans and sky high strappy heels (okay, that’s two but they go together!)

  • Think of yourself that way – it will reflect in how you carry yourself and in your smile


Contact me today to schedule your own boudoir session!


Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon
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Valentine Gift Idea | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

boudoir photography portland oregon

Valentine’s Day is this weekend. If you’ve been crazy busy, like me, you might be looking for a last minute gift idea. With all the love in the air, I wanted to find some fun, inexpensive gifts that could be fun to give this Valentine’s Day and found this – Date Night Sticks.  I must live in a bubble, because there are TONS of sites that talk about this and I had never heard of it before! So maybe you’re already aware, consider this a reminder to just do it!

The idea is you write down places, activities, etc onto Popsicle sticks; then when you have a date night draw one and do it! Some sticks can be color coded for less expensive ideas vs. more expensive excursions, maybe even a family night. For Valentine’s Day, you could give a jar, but I think it would be more fun to give the supplies and create the jar together!

Whether you choose to do sticks, or paper in a bowl, I’d love to hear about it! Also include the most interesting activity you are adding to the options. I may want to borrow it!


Rayleigh Leavitt : Boudoir and Glamour Photography, Portland, Oregon
503.828.2973 info@byrayleigh.com

Ms. E | Boudoir Photography Portland Oregon

I wanted to share a few photos from Ms. E’s session because I love the bright and airy feel to her photos. Pink is such a beautiful color on her and I love the way pastel colors photograph. The soft sweater gives a softness to her photos. It feels so feminine. Her makeup is stunning as well, don’t you think?

boudoir photography portland oregon
boudoir photography portland oregon
boudoir photography portland oregon
boudoir photography portland oregon


Contact me to talk more about your own boudoir session! I can’t wait to chat with you.

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