Christmas Nativity Experience

Limited Time Christmas Nativity Experience in Portland, OR

I’m so excited to announce something that I’ve had in the works, at least in my brain, for a couple of years. I’ve seen some amazing Christmas sessions being offered by other talented photographers in Portland, such as beautiful Santa sessions and mini photo shoots, that are so much fun. In our family, though, we find a lot of meaning in remembering the first Christmas. So I came up with the idea of offering a stylized Christmas nativity experience. I’ve never seen anything like this offered, before, so I’m super excited to offer this unique opportunity to my clients. How breathtaking to experience the magic of the most important Christmas there ever was.

Christmas Nativity Experience photo shoot in Portland. More info at

Your Family Portraits

Each family will have a unique look to their portraits depending on what characters your family can play. Do you have a daughter who can be Mary or an angel? Do you have sons who can be Joseph, a shepherd, or an angel? If the timing is just right, maybe you have a beautiful new baby who can play Jesus. Or a dog who can dress up like a sheep. Mom and Dad could also play Mary and Joseph.


I have a few costumes that are available for use and I also have an ideas list on Amazon for costumes you may need to get for the shoot. We can discuss your shoot and figure out what we need.

Christmas Nativity Experience photo shoot in Portland. More info at

The Details

I’ll be holding sessions at a farm in Sherwood, OR on November 6, 2021. If this date doesn’t work for you, though, please let me know. I may open up a second date, depending on interest.

$99 Session fee

The “Fine Print”

  • 5 available sessions
  • Live animals are a possibility but not guaranteed
  • Minimum purchase requirement of $500 for portraits
Christmas Nativity Experience photo shoot in Portland. More info at

IF you have any questions or if you are ready to book your Christmas Nativity Experience, please send me a message to claim your time slot.

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